Commercial Exhaust Repairs Perth

Commercial Exhaust Repairs Perth

We often don’t give too much consideration to how important ventilation and exhaust fans are in a commercial environment.

In a kitchen, a broken exhaust means a hot and unhealthy environment for chefs/cooks and a smoky, unpleasant ambience for your customers.

In scenarios like this your workers cannot work, in-store patrons will leave, and potential customers will walk by – costing you severely in lost opportunity.

If you need emergency assistance with your commercial ventilation that has broken down after, most likely, years of neglect – call the experts at NRS Refrigeration now on 1300 677 733.

With HVAC mechanics all boasting up to 30+ years of experience, we get it fixed time in the vast majority of cases.

And with our vans always fully stocked with tools, part, fixtures and fittings accompanied by specialists who are available 24/7 for your business’ needs; you can rely on NRS Refrigeration at any time of the day, or night.

Scheduled Maintenance

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it...right? With commercial ventilation such as exhaust fans tucked up out of sight  this is most business’ mindset when it comes to their ventilation systems.

Until they fail.

Avoid costly emergency call-outs and interruption to business through affordable preventative maintenance plans with NRS Refrigeration.

NRS Refrigeration are HVAC experts, which means we can not only ensure that your exhaust systems are doing their job but also your refrigeration and air-conditioning systems, too.

Call 1300 766 733 to book in your first service or to learn more about commercial ventilation maintenance in Perth.