Commercial Ventilation Perth


Effective ventilation, particularly in commercial and industrial environments, is often not fully appreciated for how valuable it is in helping to keep a building cool along with sanitary air conditions.

Reducing heat, condensation and pollutants; the right commercial ventilation infrastructure can not only help create a safe and healthy environment for staff and customers, but also contribute significant energy savings in the overall effort to regulate a building’s temperature.

Efficiently extracting moisture from the air also assists in helping other vital electronic and mechanical equipment operate in optimal environment conditions and reducing the likelihood of failure.

With over 30 years of experience, NRS Refrigeration will learn about your project, the premises’ intended uses and come up with the right solution, on-time and within budget.

For assistance in planning, supplying and constructing the right commercial ventilation solutions for your project, call NRS Refrigeration now on 1300 677 733.

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Scheduled Maintenance & Repairs

NRS Refrigeration offers affordable preventative maintenance plans for commercial exhausts along with the rest of your HVAC infrastructure.

With a team of highly-trained and experienced mechanics, our affordable scheduled maintenance plans can help avoid costly emergency callouts of repairs and avoid unnecessary disruption to business.

For those times when urgent commercial ventilation repairs are needed, NRS Refrigeration are available 24/7.

With vans always fully stocked with parts, in the vast majority of cases; we get it fixed first time.

For commercial exhaust maintenance and repairs, call NRS Refrigeration now on 1300 677 733.