Supermarket Refrigeration Perth


Over 30 years of supplying and constructing commercial refrigeration have brought us a wealth of experience in the retail space so when it comes to your refrigeration requirements, trust NRS Refrigeration to plan, design, construct and install the right solution for your project.

From large supermarkets to your local convenience store or deli. NRS Refrigeration are able to accommodate solutions for supermarket fridges that are within budget.

NRS Refrigeration focusses on providing modern refrigeration systems where safe, long term and large volume storage of food and beverages can be achieved without putting a strain on performance and efficiency.

We offer a range of solutions from refrigeration plants, coolrooms, service counters, reach-in fridges, refrigerated multi-decks, to merchandising units, vertical freezers, and plug-in cabinets to truly cover a supermarket’s entire refrigeration needs.

And with full construction capabilities to provide customised solutions, trust NRS Refrigeration for your supermarket fridges Perth-wide.

Latest Projects

Wealth of Expertise

Experience matters. It’s the difference between knowing the cost benefit involved in an integral multi-deck system versus a remote multi-deck system or which fridges allow for frequent door opening without energy consumption sky-rocketing or even simple things like which ones are easier to clean with removable trays and adjustable shelves.

NRS Refrigeration take the guess work out, with planning, design and installation services to make the process as easy as possible in order for you to have complete confidence in the supermarket fridges, in terms of cost, reliability and effectiveness, for your project’s individual needs.

Maintenance & Repairs

While we are available 24/7 should you encounter a fault or power failure to your refrigerated unit, we firmly believe in the value of planned preventative maintenance and support.

Routine servicing ensures that your equipment is running at its optimum efficiency and contributes significantly to an extension of its life expectancy.

It also goes without saying that taking such pre-emptive measures minimizes the risk of downtime, which we want to avoid at all costs specially in an industry where preservation of perishable goods is critical to its consumers.

To enquire about our affordable scheduled maintenance or emergency repairs, call NRS Refrigeration on 1300 677 733 now.