HVAC Repairs Perth

Maintaining Optimal Air Temperature, Air Quality & Energy Effeciency

NRS Refrigeration boasts over 30 years of experience in construction, maintenance and repairs of HVAC infrastructure in range of business from small operations to large scale operations like shopping centres and hotels.

With HVAC mechanics with unmatched training and experience that are available 24/7, along with vans that are always fully stocked with parts; NRS Refrigeration will get it fixed first time, in most cases.

If you need urgent HVAC repairs in Perth, call NRS Refrigeration now on 1300 677 733.

Our Services

Scheduled Maintenance

HVAC infrastructure is vital to the day to day operations of most businesses.

Whether it’s your refrigeration system that’s housing valuable produce or the comfort and air sanitation standards of a large public space; breakdowns to this equipment is not just costly in emergency call-outs but it can be devastating in product waste, customer abandonment, lower staff productivity or risks regarding liability for public health issues and comfort conditions

Routine HVAC maintenance by the skilled technicians at NRS Refrigeration can pinpoint potential issues before they become impactful problems helping to avoid disruption and prolong the lifespan of your equipment.

With affordable preventative maintenance packages for commercial HVAC equipment, call NRS Refrigeration now on 1300 677 733.

Increased Efficiency

Commercial HVAC infrastructure is often the most power-hungry equipment and the largest contributor towards your business’ utility bills.

Whilst HVAC is essential to your business’ operations, the high energy bills often associated with it are not.

With over 30 years of experience in the game, the technicians at NRS Refrigeration are able to effectively audit your commercial HVAC systems and provide recommendation on how efficiency can be increase, potentially saving significant amounts of money each year on utility bills.

For an audit on your business’ HVAC efficiency, call NRS Refrigeration now on 1300 677 733.