Commercial Air Conditioning Perth


From small business premises to shopping centres. NRS Refrigeration are able to not just provide the best commercial air conditioning Perth has to offer, but we can consult and plan the best solution for your project’s individual requirements.

Air conditioning is a must here in Western Australia, particularly in the Summer where temperatures can exceed 40 degrees Celsius.

There are significant business benefits to implementing an effective commercial air conditioning system.

Allowing employees to be comfortable throughout your premises results in higher productivity.

And for a more relaxed shopping environment for customers helps avoid unnecessary loss of sales from rushed and uncomfortable customers who are seeking refuge from the elements.

Energy Efficient and Cost Saving

Whilst a well-regulated environment helps boost productivity and sales, commercial air conditioning can also be a costly utility to run.

With electricity prices continually rising and solar feed in tariffs reducing, it’s more important than ever to have an efficient air conditioning system that is sustainable as well as adequate to cool, heat and regulate the air temperature day in, day out and even 24/7, if necessary.

Knowing your business’ requirements and planning the right commercial air conditioning solution is vital to getting the perfect balance of a powerful unit that can keep its cool under the stress of intense external temperature and maintaining control over your energy bills.

Experience That Matters

Did you know that plant optimisation is one of the best solutions for your existing plant? By simple calibration of set points and probes the system can become more economical. With addition to replacing fans as they fail for EC fans further energy reductions can be achieved.

It’s this level of product knowledge, along with over 30+ years of construction, installation, maintenance and repairs experience that allows NRS Refrigeration to provide the right solution to any project, regardless of the size or complexity.

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Cleaner Air

Regulating temperature is not just vital for comfort, but in some industries, maintaining temperature to the precise degree continuously is essential for day to day operations, particularly in medical or scientific environments.

For these environments, ensuring clean air flow is also a non-negotiable. This is why NRS are capable of providing commercial air conditioning solutions that not only regulate temperature, but also filtering out dust and other partials in the air, providing more sanitary air conditions.

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Keeping Your Cool, 24/7

NRS Refrigeration employ a team of highly-trained and experienced commercial air conditioning Technicians who are on call for our customers any time of the day (or night).

With vans always fully stocked with a range of parts for all different makes and models of commercial air conditioning units, we get most issues fixed first time.

Of course, it’s best to do everything you can to avoid emergency breakdowns happening in the first place. That’s why NRS Refrigeration also offer affordable and comprehensive maintenance packages to help ensure the longevity of your air conditioning equipment and avoid impact to workers’ productivity and your customers’ experience.

Learn more about our commercial air conditioning maintenance plans, or call NRS Refrigeration now on 1300 677 733.