Commercial Air Conditioning Repairs Perth

Commercial Air Conditioning Repairs Perth

NRS Refrigeration have over 30 years of experience in constructing, installing, maintaining and repairing commercial air conditioning across Perth.

With vans fully stocked with parts, fixtures and fittings to handle just about any job and commercial aircon technicians on call 24/7, we’ll help your business keep its cool any time of the day or night.

From a simple split system in a small office to multi variable refrigerant flow system in a shopping centre or hotel; NRS Refrigeration have the expertise to handle any problem that you can throw at us.

Need help now? Call 1300 677 733 for prompt, same day commercial air conditioning repairs Perth-wide.

Maintenance Plans

Avoid the likelihood of costly emergency repairs with NRS’ affordable scheduled commercial air conditioning maintenance in Perth.

Experiencing downtime with your commercial air conditioning is an uncomfortable for staff and customers alike. The experience can be uncomfortable too, with customers abandoning sale and staff being less productive.

With NRS Refrigeration, we can ensure that your commercial air conditioning system can handle heating your premises in Winter and keeping it cool in Summer, without breaking a sweat.

Preventative maintenance from our highly experienced commercial air conditioning technicians can often pinpoint issues before they become problems.

When these issues do become problems, they can significantly impact or even halt the operation of your air conditioning system completely.

Nipping these issues in the bud allows your business to continue to go with the flow, without interruption to your business’ day to day operations.

Routine maintenance will also help ensure sanitary conditions for your premises, which is especially important in sensitive environments such as schools and hospitals.

To learn more about our affordable preventative maintenance plans, call NRS Refrigeration now on 1300 677 733.

Checking Your Efficiency

When we come out to maintain or repair commercial air conditioning systems that weren’t installed by NRS Refrigeration, we often notice a lot of inefficiencies that costs businesses thousands per year in additional energy consumption.

If you think your energy bills could be out of proportion to your usage, there’s a good chance we’re able to cool those costs down.

For example, systems that cannot regulate their temperatures effectively, allowing temperatures to rise and having to overwork itself to catch up can wreak havoc on your efforts to run your business economically.

With our technicians’ extensive HVAC experience, they can even identify if your ventilation system isn’t pulling its weight, requiring more heavy lifting from the air conditioning system.

Through optimising your commercial air conditioning’s infrastructure and the refrigerant gas’ it uses, NRS Refrigeration’s experienced technicians have been able to find efficiencies where others wouldn’t.

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