Blast Chillers & Shock Freezers Perth


Blast chillers are a useful method in commercial refrigeration to keep produce, particularly meats, fresher for long periods of time.

This is due to the lower levels of moisture that occurs during cooling periods, minizine shrinking and is relatively safe from bacterial growth.

Efficient In Kitchens

During service, time is precious to maintain production efficiency along with wait times on food orders.

Blast chillers allows chefs to prepare meals and then cooling quickly, staying out of the bacterial danger temperatures whilst retaining moisture, texture and freshness. Leaving chefs or cooks to simply cook the produce for a small amount of time to finish the dish off during service.

Food produce that have been cooked, chilled in a blast cooler and then finished off will still maintain the its cellular structure, allowing it to look and taste as if it was cooked then and there.

Costs Verses Benefit

Whilst blast chillers are not a cheap initial purchase, the amount of money saved in additional labour to meet demand during service is significant. The ability to retain cooked foods and serve them later not only helps to reduce labour costs but saves hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars per year on wasted produce.

The Right Application For Your Business

NRS Refrigeration have been around since 2010 and boast over 30 years of experience in supply, construction, maintenance and repairs of blast chillers and shock freezers in Perth.

It’s that wealth of knowledge and experience that helps us identify the right solutions for your business and within budget.

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